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Vivix Cellular Anti Aging
Vivix Cellular Anti Aging
Do you dream to feel 25 years younger and live 25 years longer?
Shaklee scientists have worked for years to create and isolate a unique profile of polyphenols shown in laboratory studies to fight cellular aging.* Not only have we filed for multiple patents to protect this innovation, we have assured that Shaklee will have the entire output of the largest and best growers of one of the key ingredients, so that we can deliver these exclusive benefits to you.
  • 3000 glasses of red wine: A 45-day supply of Vivix delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine.
  • 2,500 research publications: Just one of the ingredients in Vivix alone has been referenced in over 2,500 research publications, including multiple studies conducted by Harvard University, at the National Institute of Aging, at the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute of Environmental Sciences.
  • 10x more powerful: The Vivix ingredients are more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of aging – A.G.E protein formation.*
All natural. Patent pending. Clinically tested key ingredients. Exclusive.
Direction : Take 1 teaspoon a day. Everyday. With meal. Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated. supply 45 days

C + E Repair Cream
C + E Repair Cream
Size: 1 oz. 
Comsumption : 90 days
Wake Up to Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin
This patented skin-activated formula contains high levels of bio-pure vitamins C (10%) and E (5%) to instantly soften the skin and reverse the visible signs of aging while you sleep.
With continued use, skin appears transformed as it recaptures youthful firmness and luminosity. Exclusive non-irritating formula.
Paraben Free.
199% decrease in the appearance of fine lines of the skin in four weeks
154% increase in skin firmness and elasticity in four weeks
49% decrease in the appearance of skin wrinkles in four weeks
A definitive evening of skin tone in 12 weeks
Use nightly to maximize results.
Immediately after applying toner, smooth C+E Repair over still-moist skin. Avoiding eye area, massage gently into face and neck until completely absorbed. To avoid stinging, do not apply to broken skin.

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