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Looking young with vivix

looking young


I’ll update you on a few things that I’m experiencing. First, my very white hair started changing. I’ve had independent verification that my formerly completely white hair now has a whole bunch of really cool dark brown hair coming on strong. Who knows what that means, but something is happening in the “reversal of aging” department. On another note, a friend of mine saw me striding along and mentioned, “Now that is a Shaklee-guy walk. You walk like a 30 year old”. I thought about that and realized that I have lost virtually all of my 58 year old guy small aches and pains. When I run, walk, play tennis or exercise, all I feel is the joy of movement with no extra sensations. I really like that Vivix!
Bob Ferguson


My hair was totally white. My husband said he wished I would “color my hair” like our friend, Janet, and our pastor’s wife. However, their hair has not turned totally white but has dark mixed throughout. Well, my husband is getting his wish. Little by little I started seeing dark hair coming in. Janet and I both go to the same beautician. Janet’s appointment was 2 hours prior to mine. When I went in, our beautician said, “Janet’s hair is turning dark”. I said, “well look at mine.” After she shampooed it before cutting it, she kept digging through various parts of my hair saying, “there’s some coming in here”. I teased her and said she looked like she was looking for cooties or something! She said over and over, “I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT”! I said it has to be the VIVIX because that’s all that has changed and evidently my hair is getting younger, so hopefully my body is, too. She said hair is a good indicator of health so this is a good sign of that! Yea, Vivix!
Norma Bledsoe

shared an awesome story with us .. has had many
injuries over the years, and OmegaGuard, etc. have
really helped the stiffness, pain, etc. that he has had to
live with BUT since Vivix he can get right up out of bed
without being bent over (fell off a ladder-years ago), he
can walk down the stairs without holding on to both side
rails–he is not stiff or “old” looking as he walks.
Linda Dietz

SKIN MORE YOUTHFUL: My skin has been very
dry, and getting worse, for the past several years. My
husband said my forearms looked like tanned leather.
The skin was thick, dull, and very dry, in spite of using
Enfuselle facial moisturizer on them. If I scratched my
arm even slightly there would be a white mark and skin
would flake off. I had assumed it was just a sign of age
and I’d have to accept it and then came Vivix! My skin is
more youthful once again. Mona Jones

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